Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

This morning I woke up slightly before Casey's alarm clock went off (around 5AM).  I kept hearing this tap-tap-tap on the window.  In my groggy state, I didn't put together that it was the ice storm that the weather men had been saying was heading our way (and was originally supposed to hit yesterday afternoon... they kinda screwed up there).  Casey woke up to and peaked out the window, grumbled and then turned the electric blanket on. 

Around 6AM, as I was trying desperately to kick the manthing out of bed, even going so far as to lay on his side of the bed and say "I am not letting you get back into this bed. You need to get your clothes on and dig out your truck." I peaked outside and saw a very thin layer of snow covering my car and it was being covered with the ice that was falling from the sky.  I decided that a day like today would best be served mostly in bed.   Since Lily didn't have school today (and even if she did, it would have been canceled as were 90% of the schools in the area), I went and woke her up, asking if she wanted to come cuddle with me and that's how we spent the morning until Jackson woke up. 

It was grand.  I didn't have to go anywhere, I got to hang out with the kids and there was absolutely no reason what so ever to go and carve my car out from under the what looks to be about an inch of ice.   Yep, and I think we'll do the same thing tomorrow.  Although, I think that there will probably be cookie making going on tomorrow.  And I have to start the turkey marinading.  Yep yep yep. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and download some more Christmas music.  Because you can never have too much Christmas Music.

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