Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because I'm not stupid...

It is my opinion that SBCSC is run by idiots.  I turned on the television this morning to check on school closings.  Everyone in the area with the exception of SBCSC is CLOSED.  The windchill this morning was -11 when I woke up and the temperatures have been steadily dropping (3 degrees down since I woke up an hour ago and this is not taking into consideration that the wind has been picking up, probably making the windchill worse).

Thanks but no thanks, South Bend!  I'm keeping Lily home today and I'll probably keep her home tomorrow, too.  (Tomorrow windchills are supposed to be around -30!)  Oh, and just because you don't want to cancel school you will not argue with me when I tell you it's going to be an excused absence.  You will allow Lily to make up whatever work she missed and you won't give me any slack about it.  It's not my fault that you don't give a shit if the kids that go to your schools have parents that are just as ridiculous as you are.  Seriously, why would they want to send your kid out in this weather?  Ugh.  I'm annoyed.  I'm going to take Jackson back upstairs and cuddle.

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