Monday, February 23, 2009

Life with a toddler.

Today has been.... challenging.   Luckily, Jack thinks that throwing wet clothes into the dryer is the best game ever invented.  Now, if only the rest of my day was as productive...

Heigh ho, heigh ho, back to work we go...

Things have been going V E R Y S L O W L Y here at casa Stone.  Casey and I were both horribly ill for about a week and a half and even after we got over the initial whateveritwas we are still feeling rather tired and drained... But, we're back to work and plugging away.  It's amazing how much your house can completely implode when you're sick for so long.  The last week, when we sort of got our appetite back, we were surviving on mostly fast food (which Lily absolutely loved and Jack got to experience the wondermousness of ketchup - more on that in a minute) because neither of us felt up to cooking.   We spent most of the week thinking "We're horrible parents! Our parents would have done so much better!"  We quickly realized that there were days when our parents felt like poo too and just let us fend for ourselves or called in back ups. 

On Friday we finally felt well enough to get out of the house and do some shopping, so we headed to Sam's for diapers and a few other things, and then hit Meijers, Walmart and Aldis.  Afterwards, we still felt like being out and about, so we went meandering and got hungry.  The four of us ended up at Burger King where Jackson discovered not only the play area but ketchup as well.   He went completely through the play area with Lily once and made it up the climbing part (he's become a total monkey in the past few days) by himself, but then he decided that he had enough and came back down for some french fries.   Little man then discovered the joys of ketchup.  He had never tried it before so I dunked a fry for him and at first he was like "What's this?" and was making a bit of a yuck face.  But then, he decided he liked it and wanted more ketchup.   He then proceeded to suck the ketchup off the fry and attempt to dunk it again (he had some dexterity problems there, but he managed to make a mess).  Finally he decided screw the fries and he picked up the little cup that held the ketchup and essentially drank it.   Casey and I, being amused by the whole situation, let him get away with it, despite having a ton of ketchup on his coat, face and hands.   It was a fun evening. 

On Saturday we decided to get chinese food and little man discovered that he likes green peppers.  He was running around chewing them!  Weirdo!  Casey doesn't like green peppers and I certainly don't like green peppers.  This is one thing that both Lily and Jack like - they both like spicy things.   Go figure.  Jackson, however, he eats everything so it will be interesting to see what his tastes are when he gets older.  Lily is all about the veggies.  She loves 'em. 

Yesterday we spent the day starting to clean up the house (it's a rather large job) and organize the office.  With various things coming down the pipelines, I wanted to be as organized as possible so I can essentially just go go go.  We'll see how it goes, though.  I forsee impending disaster, but it sure as hell is going to be a fun trip!  And who knows, we might even make some money at it!

That's all from our end.  How have you all been?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anniversary Conversation between a husband and wife.

Jess is sitting on the couch in her jammies.  Occasionally she reaches up and attempts to equalize the pressure in her ears, but it doesn't work.  Casey walks in, not at all googlie eyed and says "I love you, wife!" 

Jess says "What?"

"I love you!"


"I LOVE YOU!!"  

"Thanks, I'm hungry!"

And this is how we spent our anniversary. My ears plugged up beyond belief, pretty achy throughout the day (all though now my appetite is returning, so I'm definitely hungry) and well... I expected something grander for our fifth anniversary. Hmmmm... Maybe next weekend when we're fully recovered, we can celebrate properly.  Otherwise, it was just another day spent under just another comforter, with just another tissue.  

I will now continue with my day... Maybe watch some more Battlestar Galactica and go to bed early. Yeah, that sounds like fun. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rest time!

Seed project: Complete!  (With added bonus of "potato" as to stump the teacher as per mom-in-law's wonderful suggestion... I totally love messing with teachers... mwahahahaha)

DVDs: burning.  As in we are making them at this particular time.  Must drop 'em off to Brian tomorrow.

Call from Simon: Iminent.

Glidetrak: Here.  Amazingly.  Apparently, it shipped from Paisley, UK, just a couple of days ago. Way to go FedEx!

Anniversary weekend: Canceled.  The hubby is not feeling good, I'm in need of a good rest and the kids... well, they're just all over the place.  Rock on kids, you're fun.  At least I get to make Tara look pretty. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am not a happy camper.  I have caught the kids' cold.  I am now miserable, Jackson is fine but chasing after him is not a good thing.  

Thankfully, I have the fabulous giant "Q" on my side (aka NyQuil, DayQuil) and am happily medicated.  My ear still hurts though... I think I may have an ear infection... 

I....need....a really long nap.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oy! What's that green stuff over there?

I wake up at 7:15 (45 minutes after I should have waken up), completely exhausted.  I really don't blame myself one bit for hitting snooze after snooze.   Jackson kept me up most of the night, and around 4:45 I found myself pleading with him to please go to sleep, peacefully... No more upsettedness, (yes, I created a new word), no more whining, and lots more sleep.  Low and behold he took pity on me.  Either that, or the sandman who was floating outside the window, looking in and snickering, finally took pity on us.  I say it was the sandman.  Never underestimate the power of a chick completely flustered. 

In any case, I stumbled down the stairs, glad that Casey hadn't done his usual "I'm going to turn all the lights in the house on" dance, walked into the kitchen and started making myself a cup of chai.  I had to come around rather quickly because I had to make sure Lily got up and dressed (thank god today is a half day... I just have to stay awake to noon).  While Lily was having breakfast, we discussed her seed project.  I took Kathy, my wonderful mother in law's advice, to "Stump the teacher" and cut a few spuds off a potato.  Today we'll get the rest of our seeds and have lots of fun with a glue gun. 

After the seed discussion, I checked the weather and then I rechecked the weather.  The temp is a lovely 50 degrees outside!  WTF?  Really?  I glanced out the window and aside from one large mountain of snow across the street I'm seeing green stuff on the ground.  Green?  That can't possibly be right?  HAHAHA! Take that Punxatawny Phil!  I got your global warming right here, bitch!  And you know what? I'm going to ENJOY it!  Hell, I may even fly a kite today! Mwahahahaha! 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go start my car and wake up the Jackosaurus and take Lily to school.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Lemurs, and Kangaroos and Tigers! Oh my!

Yesterday, I was an evil mommy.  Well, I was a good mommy, but in the eyes of the school board (if they were to find out) I was an evil mommy.  Brooke, a fabulous friend of mine, had told me about a week ago that this mall in Elkhart, was going to have Baby Tigers to play.  What? Playing with a baby tiger?!  The whole thing sound too good to be true!  Naturally, I plotted to take Lily... without telling her. 

On Wednesday, I informed her that Thursday morning I'd be picking her up early from school because we had to go to the Doctor and get our flu shot.  She really did not like the sound of that. Instantly, there was a whole bout of "I don't want to get a flu shot!"  "Do I really need one?" "I've already been sick!"  and a few other choice phrases that kinda pissed me off, but I just sucked it up and despite the pre-teen attitude showing through, continued with 
my plan. 

I picked her up on Thursday morning around 10:30 and off we went, Lily grumbling on the way.  We clicked onto the bypass and I couldn't hold it in any more.  I told her that we were not going to the doctor to get shots, we were going to play with baby tigers.   Lily was instantly awestruck.  Baby tigers?! What?!  How come we get to play with baby tigers?  And the kicker: Mickie and Thomas were coming with us.   Instant happy kid!   I haven't seen her this excited since we went to the circus over Thanksgiving break!

When we got there, the tigers were a bit too rambunctious, so we opted for the baby
 wolves instead.  We also got to feed a lemur a piece of banana and pet a baby kangaroo.  The lemur decided to jump into the kangaroo's sleeping pouch, which annoyed the kangaroo and antics began.   I've never seen a grumpier kangaroo.  In fact, I didn't know kangaroos were capable of getting grumpy.    The tigers were twice Jackson's size.  They were still baby, but they were large... and everyone decided that yeah, that's not the smartest thing, especially with them being so playful at the time.  

The baby wolves were sweet and friendly and so incredibly soft.  Jackson kept running around yelling "Dog! Dog!"  It was very cute.  I think he had a lot of fun too!  Lily was showing both Thomas and Jack how to pet the wolves and while Jack was doing very well petting them, Thomas got a little scared and opted to leave the cage and go back to his mom who was standing by outside.  He preferred hanging out with the lemur rather than the wolves.  

It was definitely a fun day.  We ended at Steak and Shake with all the kids wanting macaroni.  It was the worst service ever and then Lily slipped and hit her head (she's got a giant bruise on her forehead, and I'm thinking about taking her to the doctor today because it looks so bad).  She cried for about 10 minutes and lately she hasn't been crying too awful much when she hurts herself, so I knew it was bad.  Poor kid.   After that, we went and picked up Jason, Mickie's husband, and headed home.  Mickie watched the kids for a few hours while I went to a meeting for the newly formed River Bend Film Festival committee.  (More on that soon.)

Things seem to be snowballing in the social commitment portion of my life.  I've become very busy lately.  I'm enjoying it, though.  It gives me something to look forward to.  Although, I have no idea what I'm going to do when I'm done with it. Who knows.  That being said, I really need to get moving.... I've got a long day ahead of me...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Location! Location! Location!

I can relax now.  Our location is now set for our next production, the rewrites that were needed are done, the cast has the new rewrites (and are quite enthusiastic about them), the equipment list is coming along and being checked off at a decent rate (borrowed and begged, none stolen).  We set up our filming date and it's going to be a doozy.  We film on February 15th, and our crew call time is 5AM.  The cast call time is 6AM.  We shoot until 4PM.  

Yep, we're crazy, but we get to film here:

This is the Midway Tavern.  It's been around since 1924 and it's the most interesting place that I've been in a while.   They've had some pretty awesome people play there and it used to be one of Al Capone's favorite places.  How's that for atmosphere?