Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oy! What's that green stuff over there?

I wake up at 7:15 (45 minutes after I should have waken up), completely exhausted.  I really don't blame myself one bit for hitting snooze after snooze.   Jackson kept me up most of the night, and around 4:45 I found myself pleading with him to please go to sleep, peacefully... No more upsettedness, (yes, I created a new word), no more whining, and lots more sleep.  Low and behold he took pity on me.  Either that, or the sandman who was floating outside the window, looking in and snickering, finally took pity on us.  I say it was the sandman.  Never underestimate the power of a chick completely flustered. 

In any case, I stumbled down the stairs, glad that Casey hadn't done his usual "I'm going to turn all the lights in the house on" dance, walked into the kitchen and started making myself a cup of chai.  I had to come around rather quickly because I had to make sure Lily got up and dressed (thank god today is a half day... I just have to stay awake to noon).  While Lily was having breakfast, we discussed her seed project.  I took Kathy, my wonderful mother in law's advice, to "Stump the teacher" and cut a few spuds off a potato.  Today we'll get the rest of our seeds and have lots of fun with a glue gun. 

After the seed discussion, I checked the weather and then I rechecked the weather.  The temp is a lovely 50 degrees outside!  WTF?  Really?  I glanced out the window and aside from one large mountain of snow across the street I'm seeing green stuff on the ground.  Green?  That can't possibly be right?  HAHAHA! Take that Punxatawny Phil!  I got your global warming right here, bitch!  And you know what? I'm going to ENJOY it!  Hell, I may even fly a kite today! Mwahahahaha! 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go start my car and wake up the Jackosaurus and take Lily to school.

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