Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rest time!

Seed project: Complete!  (With added bonus of "potato" as to stump the teacher as per mom-in-law's wonderful suggestion... I totally love messing with teachers... mwahahahaha)

DVDs: burning.  As in we are making them at this particular time.  Must drop 'em off to Brian tomorrow.

Call from Simon: Iminent.

Glidetrak: Here.  Amazingly.  Apparently, it shipped from Paisley, UK, just a couple of days ago. Way to go FedEx!

Anniversary weekend: Canceled.  The hubby is not feeling good, I'm in need of a good rest and the kids... well, they're just all over the place.  Rock on kids, you're fun.  At least I get to make Tara look pretty. 

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