Monday, March 30, 2009

Insert Car-hitting-Ben Sound Here

Saturday was spent in movie mode.  The morning was sucked up by Hitman Hardknocks and laughing our asses off at our actors engaged in a sissy fight, yelling whenever a car would be coming and watching our actors destroy a mattress.  

Let me tell you, nothing screams comedy like two grown men smacking each other in the most sissy way you can imagine.   There were several times when Tara and I had to walk away because we were laughing so hard.  It was nice to have Ben and Jim doing comedy for once.   Tomorrow we're going to try and sneak in the scene with Melissa Chapman before it rains.  

After we finished up (only 2 hours of shooting! Woot!) I managed to sneak in a nap before Lily and I headed out the door at 7:30 to finish up her shoot on "In the Dark of the Night."  I was thinking it was only going to be a couple of hours, but we ended up being there until midnight when I finally said "Look, Lily's tired and so am I.  We're going home."  I was begged for 10 more minutes and they managed to finish up.  At this particular point I'm not sure if we'll have to go back or not.  It doesn't look like it, but you never know.  That particular shoot was plagued with problems.   It started pouring buckets of rain on us shortly after we started shooting and then there was the crazy man who thought the "goth" was going to rob his house.  Um, no sir, the goth kid is not going to rob your house.  And our director, who is driving a bling-bling Cadillac Escalade SUV, has no use for any of the redneck-y trash you have strewn on your lawn.   

Oh, and then there was the cop.  This was a Michigan State Police Officer who followed us back from our location to the state line (it was a 10 minute drive, by the way, the cop following us all the way, just pulling us over juuuuuuussssssstttttt before the border) and then pulled us over to inform us that he got a call from a guy who saw people with a video camera, taping some goth kid on his rode and was wondering if we were filming.   Yep, the MSP were bored.  Nice guy, though.  He lectured the director for not having his permits.  (Yes, because you absolutely NEED permits to shoot a no-budget horror flick.)  Lesson I learned:  Don't shoot in Michigan.  They're uber-picky.

Sunday was nice.  Casey spent the day compositing two shots together to make it look like Ben was getting hit by Jim's car.   So far so good, actually.  Much laughing was had.  The best part of Sunday, though, was the fact that we got to be lazy slugs for the first Sunday in a very long time. Ah, I remember what it used to be like to be a slug!  How nice to return to it, if even for a day.   But then, it started snowing and I was all like "What the hell?!"  So, naturally, I decided to go grocery shopping.  Despite it snowing sideways for a while, it was pretty nice to get out of the house.  

Today's goal is laundry catch-up, stop by Meijers and pick up some toilet paper, and then just chillaxin'.  Next week is spring break, so I'm hoping that will bring some sort of silly adventure.  We'll see. 

I must now go.  I want to sneak in some lunch before Jack wakes up from his nap. 

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