Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

The boys are sleeping, Lily is out with her grandma and Mark and I... well, I am trying to channel my inner broccoli or some other vegetable that just sits there not doing much of anything. Although, I do have Brooke's bike in my current possession (we're filming it on Monday) and well... it may need to be ridden at some point before that. When Casey gets up I may head off for a ride by the river. That sounds like fun to me. I may have to spend this years birthday money on a bicycle and a baby seat for Jack so we can go on rides this summer.

We finished up shooting "Small Change" on Wednesday. Casey is working on inserting the footage, color grading it and synching the sound. It should be completely done next week some time. I'll be happy when I sent it off to Telluride, although that will start a whole new waiting game. Sigh. It's like this never ending cycle of waiting on my end. Waiting for it to start, waiting for the shoot to finish, waiting for the film to get cut together and all other post work to get done and now we add an element: waiting to hear from the festivals. I'm not the most patient person in the world, either, so this has been a learning experience on more than one level.

In other news, Lily's report card came today. Honor Roll again. I knew this was going to be the case anyway because her teacher told me about it before school was over. I'm proud of her. She's been working hard this year and she's reading above grade level, which rocks.

Not much else going on. Summer has started, we're busy and Sunny will be heading our way very soon. We've had a lot of fun evenings lately and our social life is actually quite healthy these days. Tomorrow we're going to go celebrate Brooke getting her masters degree and heading to Costa Rica over the summer.

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