Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tis the Season...

Yesterday I woke up and felt the start of it.  It didn't really hit me until after I mowed the lawn and the neighbor across the street mowed their lawn and then... WHAM!  Insert exploding sinus' here.  Yep, tis allergy season again.  BEHOLD!  The Bukake Tree!  
Okay, so it's not a bukake tree (I dare anyone who actually reads my blog to go google that or something.), it's a Bradford Pear.  I love Bradford Pear trees.  They're pretty.  My dad planted one when I was about 5 years.  Until I was about 10, he'd take my picture next to it every year. Yes, it's taller than me, but then again there are very few things in this world that aren't taller than me (I iz short).   Unfortunately for me, as soon as they start blooming I start sneezing and getting all fabulously congested and while I have a brief reprieve as soon as the leaves start coming in, it's not long enough especially since there are all sorts of cottonwood trees in our neighborhood.  

I'm seriously considering getting one of those histimine blocker nasal shield thingeys.  I wonder how they work?

ANYWHO... yeah and stuff.  

Let's see, what else can I update you on.  Not much actually.  It's the same old thing these days.  I have groceries that I have to get out of the car and other than that, yeah... pretty dull. Still making movies, harassing people, causing trouble, etc.  No complaints.  

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