Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lazy Day

I'm not quite firing on all cylinders today, so I've decided it's a lazy day.  That's perfectly okay for me because we've been going going going and there's no sign of stopping any time soon.  So, while Jackson plays piano and Lily plays computer, I sit here and update. 

My mom is currently in Panama.  She's enjoying herself and being spoiled, at least according to my aunt.  This is good.  I hope she comes back and is in a good mood and all that fun stuff.  This year, I feel, will be hectic for everyone.   Casey and I currently have an 18 month plan as far as certain things film related we want to accomplish and that doesn't include all of the plans for home I want to accomplish. 

Today, though, is all about enjoying the moment.  I'm going to take Jack and Lily to the park in a bit for a picnic and that should be quite fun.  I need some fun time with the kids. 

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