Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

Tomorrow, Lily goes back to school. With South Bend no longer doing half days, we've got our first full complete day of school. It's going to be weird. No more kids running in and out of the house during the early afternoon. No more Lily running home, dragging a couple of kids with her being all like "Mom? Can you make us a sandwich?" I can make you a sandwich, but if your friends are hungry they go home to eat.

AND... it's pouring down rain. It's supposed to rain for the next 4 days. Yep, lovely back to school weather! Huzzah! Did I mention it's something like... 75 and muggy? Ugh the muggy.

My mom is heading back from her trip to Panama today. I must be at O'Hare at 3PM to pick her up. I'm actually looking forward to hearing all of the wonderful family gossip and of course: the pressies!! We ALWAYS get Panamanian Pressies! Whoo hoo! I am personally hoping for a bottle of the family rum (our family owns a rum distillery in Panama) and some cookies. Anything more than that is total bonus!

Well, I'm off. I have a laundry list of laundry and other wonderful things that I want to do before I have to sally forth to O'Hare.

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