Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cracked- A Venting Session.

Wednesday was NOT a good day. Well, most of it was, but around 2:30 it started going down hill quickly. Luckily, I have a very handy husband and one of the biggest problems is now workable, so I'm happy. No, correction: I'M FREAKIN' ECSTATIC!!! The picture to the right is similar to what happened to my MacBook, but there is a lot more dead spots and it looks like a rock hit it from the inside.... Storytime!!

Wednesday afternoon I'm working on some things before I have to pick up Lily from school. The stuff I'm working on is dealing mainly with a lot of forms and emails dealing with Trademark Requests. This is a task that I'm finding somewhat easy, me being a people person, but it takes a long time and there are long phone conversations and lots of notes that I took on the matter. All of these notes are on my desktop of the MacBook. Well, I leave the computer on, sitting on the table as always (I like working at the dining room table because I can keep an eye on Jackson while he plays and I get a nice breeze from the windows, and it's not a stuffy office.) and I head out the door with Jack to pick up Lily. Yada yada yada, we come home, I help Lily with homework and then I sit back down at the computer and I find that the screen looks like it has been cracked on the inside. It takes a second. I'm like WTF? I turn the computer on and off and the "crack" is still there. Massive spaces of dead pixels.... The panic begins to set in. I completely freaked out simply because I'm realizing the volume of things that I have on the MacBook. Four years worth of pictures from family events and productions, business forms, all of my business contacts, emails with those precious trademark request forms signed...

And then, my lawyer calls. Court date for custody crap moved up. No, didn't want it moved up, wanted it moved back! Apparently when I tell lawyer that I've got stuff going on until September 6th, that is to be completely ignored. Lawyer proceeds to tell me that he needs more fundage. Um, didn't I just pay you back in July? I inform him in a not so polite voice that I am sick and tired of this bullshit (yes, I used bullshit) and that I wanted lawyers fees from that certain someone who keeps dragging me back to court and that fine, I'll be there on the court date I just won't be there at 8:30AM because I, unlike that certain person, have a kid that I have to drop off at school and another kid I have to take to a babysitter and probably will not get their until about 9AM. Lawyer says that is okay and that Judge will understand.

This is the part where I mention that I do not have any faith in the legal system what so ever. I'm really hoping Casey is wrong on his outcome prediction... I really do. I'm having a hard time staying optimistic, though.

After all of that, I sat down and cried for 2 hours. I've been moping around since then, kind of lost. Today I've been more annoyed than moping and Casey told me that I really had to snap out of it. I'm really trying. We went to Best Buy and bought a mini dvi cable so we could pipe the display to an extra monitor that we have. It's kind of annoying, craning my neck, but you know what? I can use my computer now and that, to me, is worth it's weight in gold. I'm glad that I have an incredibly handy husband. And I know, eventually, we'll get me a new laptop. It won't be for a while and honestly, I can make do with this set up for a while. It works and that's what matters to me.

SO now, I've been formulating a plan of attack and trying to get my groove back. I organized my desk and my filing cabinet today so I have a place to work in the office. I'm in the process of printing up the very important emails and I'm ready to get back to work. I'm not so panicked or depressed anymore. And maybe, just maybe, Casey will get his chance to relax now that I'm starting to calm down about the situation. Now, if I can get through Tuesday and everything goes well...

If stuff doesn't go well, well... we'll have to wait and see. Think happy thoughts, Jess! Happy thoughts.

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