Friday, September 04, 2009

About 24 hours to go...

In 24 hours Casey and I will be dragging our asses out of bed for yet another fun filled filming session. This time, we're planning on hitting 3 locations between 9AM and 5PM for a short film called 5cm Peter. Yes, it's as raunchy as it sounds. No, it's definitely NOT a porno.

The short was written by a talented writer by the name of David Boyer. David won the local screenwriters competition held by Mid America Filmmakers (from here on out known as nemesis). Tara and I offered to help him make his film way back in January before he even won the competition and we FINALLY got it off the ground and tomorrow: FILMING!

As much as filming days really kinda piss me off, I also think they're the best days in the world. We're running around and watching something that we made come to fruition. It's awesome! And this time my dad AND stepmom will be around for it. AWESOME!!

Speaking of my dad... Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!! Oh yeah, it's also the full moon so that means it will be extra crazy around here. Woot!

Anyone who wants to come and film with us tomorrow, drop me a line!

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