Monday, September 14, 2009

And now your weekend update...

I spent most of the weekend in bed. I caught the neighbor kids' cold from hell and enjoyed spending most of my time asleep. Asleep means I didn't have to think about other things that were going on, so I think that was a good thing. Hubby would probably agree, although Sunday I had a bit of nutso going on.

Monday is shaping up quite nicely. Didn't have to watch the kids this morning. It was more of a "Get in the car, it's time to go." Morning. (They didn't show up till 7:30 which is okay in my book.) Lily was in a brilliantly good mood as was Jackson and now, the little man is eating some scrambled eggs and watching Spongebob while I'm updating. All is well and I'm liking it.

This week is 80% spoken for. Tomorrow I've got a trip to mom's Death Condo (she purchased a spot in a mausoleum for her ashes when she finally kicks the bucket- which by my estimate shouldn't be for another billion years or so. Yes, I have that much faith in her.) because she's having second thoughts about it "being so high." I teased her and told her, well... it's closer to god? She gave me her usual "Ay, Jessica!" exasperated phrase. I shot back with a good natured "You're gonna spend eternity in a death condo!" I think my mom actually rolled her eyes at me. There was massive amounts of giggling on both our ends.

Wednesday is Women's Night Out. I think that it's going to be pre-empted with a talk with Lily. It's that time of her life when she needs THE talk. Thursday is traditionally our library day. Friday is... huh... don't remember. Saturday is apple festival. WHOO HOO! APPLE FESTIVAL! This means we get to see my lovely and talented Sister in law and her family.

Yeah. So, another busy week. Woot. I like busy weeks. They make me feel accomplished. Oh yeah, sometime this week I need to sneak in some birthday planning for Jackson and Papa Stone as they both have birthday's coming up iminently.

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AmicaCarmilla said...

In Paris I visited two fantastic cemeteries and I, too, would like to plan how and where to be buried... But I am still figuring it out...