Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Makin' Music

For the past couple of days I've been playing around on Garage Band on the Mac. It's been a fun little experiment. Back in high school I played around with .wav files and making tunes with loops and stuff but never really threw myself into it. The past couple of days, though, I just kind of fell into it. It's like a musical muse came up and smacked me upside the head. And now... here I am. Making music.

I did an Indian/bhangra style blurb for 5cm Peter and I also did a very island-esque Doctor Who inspired tune for the opening credits of 5cm Peter. Along with that, I'm working on a techno-"bollyFrad" song (long story, not worth explaining) for fun and I also did a short house style tune just to kind of mess around with. I've definitely been having fun. Everyone seems impressed so far. Brooke told me last night that I'm definitely going to need a bigger setup if I keep the level of creativity up. I'm really enjoying hanging out in the office with the hubby, too. He's creating and I'm creating and it's really quite cool. Unfortunately it has also led me to keep some very late nights and that leads to a bit of grumpiness in the morning.

Today we have dubbed it Septembergiving. Translation: we had a hankering for turkey and so, I bought a small one and it is currently in the oven cooking away. Whoo hoo! Turkey! Derek is coming over at 6PM with a pie and as soon as Brooke is coherant (she's upstairs sleeping...more on that in a minute) she'll probably help me plan out whatelse other than mashed potatoes, etc. we're making. Brooke... Oh yeah, Brookie!!

Brooke, our very near and dear friend, spent last night and will probably spend tonight with us as well. This morning she got lasik eye surgery and I'm playing nurse maid to her. I get to wake her up every two hours or so and put eye drops in her eyes. Fun stuffs. I've got to decide what to make for lunch so I can take it up to her and then put another set of eye drops in (she's got 3 different ones she has to use). Fun stuffs.

So yeah... that's what is up here. Working working working. But at least we're having fun, too. Insert smilies here. I'm off to baste a turkey!

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