Friday, October 02, 2009

Are we done yet? Nope! Not even close!

I went to get Lily up for school an hour ago and the entire left side of her face is swollen and red. Kidlet had a rash yesterday that worried me and I was planning on scheduling an appointment with her doctor today but it wasn't horrible, so I figured to school with her. That was until I woke her up this morning. Her left eye is currently swollen shut. This kid has had an absolute banner week! She was sick with the flu on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and now this! Ack! Not good!

I gave her a benadryl last night before bed in hopes that would make it go away, but it didn't work. And I just gave her another one, hoping that it calms it down but we'll have to wait and see. Darn you pediatrician! Pick up the phone!

I have already called her school and spoke with her teacher and the nurse. Both of them agree: keep her home! I'll pick up whatever worksheets they do in class this morning and we'll go from there. Not so fun stuffs.

On top of Lily being sick, I think that Jackson is coming down with something as well. He was incredibly grumpy last night and slept from about 7:30PM until well... he's not awake yet and it's 8AM. We'll see if he's okay today as well. No fever or anything this morning so far when I checked on him, so yeah... we'll see what happens.

And to think, we were going to try and do a date night this weekend! Yeah, I don't think so. Oh well, kids come first. Now, if I could only get into the pediatrician like now.

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