Monday, October 19, 2009

That'll do, Pig...

Just when I thought we were out of the woods, Lily has succumbed to the flu. She's been fighting like a trooper since Wednesday evening and this weekend she was well enough to get out of the house with Mark and go see Where the Wild Things Are. She came home yesterday, went to the neighbors to see their new puppies and 15 minutes later came home and proceeded to throw up about a gallon of phlegm.

Massive yuckiness. Poor kid.

This morning the doctor informed me not to bring her in unless her temperature goes above 102 (she's sitting at not quite 100 degrees right now), she's got shortness of breath or she gets worse. If she gets worse, then they'll do a chest x-ray to see what's up (pneumonia or bronchitis). We have to wait until tomorrow, though.

I've kept myself busy today doing massive amounts of laundry, dishes and cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. I've decided that all that can food that we haven't touched in eons is going to be donated to the food bank. There's a lot of cans of tropical fruit in light syrup that's going to find a good home on someone's table this winter. Not to mention frijoles negros, chilis, and a few other things.

Casey went back to work today. I expect him to come home completely tuckered out. He woke up early this morning, took a shower, made his lunch and was out the door. I was amazed at his level of productivity. Especially since I was more concerned with finding the all important cup of cappuchino. Never did find it, either. I had to settle for chai. No biggie. I can continue on my low caffeine kick. The headaches are starting to subside, too.

So yeah, that's what's up in our neck of the woods. How about you guys?

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