Monday, November 16, 2009

"Absolutely nothing to report!" She says with a grin.

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away and I have yet to finalize plans. Everything seems to be in a rather jumble these days as we try and finish things up both family and business-wise. But, as life has a habit of doing, I find that the mountain is growing at an exponential rate. This isn't a bad thing though, nope. Definitely NOT a bad thing. I find I have climbed to the top of that mountain and seeing the vast expanse of mountain terrain in front of me (Oh look! There's a yeti! It kinda looks like Casey!) I have decided that I'm in the perfect spot to start mining for gold.

So, here's me with my pick ax, slowly wittling away. The good news is this wittling is GREAT for not only upper body strength but having a clean house tends to bring up my mood. Note: it also helps to get a decent enough sleep so you're not wanting to kill everyone. And make sure you get that sleep on Sunday so you wake up all fresh on Monday because your mood on Monday can definitely effect the rest of the week.

Now, I simply have one thing to say: I have NOTHING to report! This is a good thing. Why? Because no news is good news. Yesssss.... We start on week two of waiting for some kind of news from sxsw and so far nothing. Not a peep. Zilch, nada, and all that stuff in as many other languages you can think of. This means that we're still in the running for the festival! Huzzah! Maybe, just maybe, we'll actually get into a world class festival (or more hopefully) and people will be all like "Wow, you're husband is really talented!" Then, Casey can get out of construction and the world will be a happy place without Casey having to pour the concrete that their buildings are built on! Yes!

So now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to cook some dinner for the family, whittle a little more away on that mountain and then tomorrow will be amazing yet again. Why? Because I'm in a good mood and that's what counts.