Monday, December 07, 2009

Her Grinchiness

I think I'm done with the day. It's been nothing more than a bad day and I'm ready to be done with it. I woke up this morning in a good mood. Got up, was mildly coherant, exchanged pleasantries with the husband, had some coffee and then went to kick Lily out of bed. She was in a horrible mood and didn't want to get up. I told her that being tired was not a good enough reason to miss school. I'm thinking I should have gone with Lily's instinct: STAY IN BED!

Lily was an absolute bear and proceeded to throw a temper tantrum. I then grounded her and informed her she'd be going to bed at 7PM. Yep, that made her really happy! (That was sarcasm, by the way.) After that, she finally got up and got into a better mood. I eventually dropped her off and that was when I saw that I had a voicemail. It was the tenants at the 24th street house informing me that they were moving out and that they would like to know where their washer and dryer were. I proceeded to go over there and they informed me that the neighbor had seen me over there with a clipboard for like an hour on Saturday and they were basically accusing me (5 foot nothing me) of stealing their washer and dryer. I politely informed them that I had not been to the house since I drove by on Tuesday after they were served eviction papers to see if they were in the process of moving out and secondly- Why the hell would I even do something so completely ludicrous? Why would I want their p.o.s. washer/dryer? I've got my own, thanks. Stupid people.

I look forward to getting the keys back from them tomorrow and then I look forward to going to court on Thursday regarding late fees, rent, etc. I am not going to play nice with people any more. I highly doubt they're going to find anything cheaper in South Bend.

After stopping at the 24th street house I headed to Walmart. It was on the way home from walmart (while driving 10 miles an hour) that I slid while turning onto another street and struck another car. The cop said it wasn't anyone's fault, it was road conditions. It's the first accident I've ever had in the 16 years that I've been driving. Knock on wood, there. I'm grateful that no one was hurt. I did do $2500 worth of damage to my car, though. I wonder how much damage was done to the other lady's car. She was rather nice and didn't yell or anything. That made me feel much better. The cop was super nice, too. He told me for 16 years of driving and this being my first accident, I was doing pretty good and he wished his own kids had that record.

I ran and got two estimates under the instruction of my insurance agent. Tomorrow I submit the police report and then I'm going to attempt to get things going by tomorrow afternoon so I can have my car back as soon as possible. It's still going to take a week to get it done, but yeah... I'm happy with that.

I just wish this hadn't happened this close to Christmas. I hope tomorrow will be better.

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