Sunday, March 14, 2010


My husband has been spending most of his evenings writing. I spend most of my evenings asleep. Our schedules are practically running opposite these days. But that's okay, because it means he's writing again and whenever the boy is feeling creative that means he's in a happy place. The writing has been on and off for the past year and a half, ever since we decided to jump feet first into the whole film thing.

While my job on the film thing is currently at a low stage (not much going on as far as pre-production goes) he has been writing up a storm, filling his corkboard with all sorts of wonderful notes. Then he takes them down, rearranges them and puts them back up. I find notebooks all over the place and have to put them up high so Jackson won't get to them. Sometimes it can get a little harrowing rescuing notebooks just before they get spilled on and/or colored on. We're going to have to get that boy his own notebook so he won't mess with Casey's.

Lily is doing pretty well in school. Honor roll and such is expected yet again during this quarter. I spoke with her teacher on Friday and she said "Lily just GETS math. She excels at math and it really makes sense to her. I teach a new concept and while it may take a day or two to get it, once she gets it she really gets it." On the other hand though, Lily isn't doing so well with the new task or writing essays and papers. Her handwriting is beautiful, it's just what goes into the paper that is forced. She's the complete opposite of me in that respect. I never had trouble writing at all. My problem was with math. While I'm better with numbers and am more studied in algebra, etc. now that I'm older (and actually understand that yes, I use it on a somewhat daily basis), when I was in school math was the bane of my existence and it just didn't make any sense to me. It actually took Casey kind of coaching me to actually be able to figure things in my head and not reach for a calculator.

As far as Miss Lily's social life is concerned, she informed me the other day that Dakota is now her boyfriend and that she thinks she's old enough to kiss boys because her friend Madi kissed her boyfriend. I pointed out that Madi kissed a 6th grader and that was just totally not cool and that if Madi didn't want her parents knowing that she kissed this 6th grader, did she think that was right? Lily thought about it and then asked me "So, if I want to kiss a boy I have to tell you first?" I gave her a resounding YES!!! SOOOOOOO not ready for my little girl to have a boyfriend. The thought of it makes me want to ask my dad if I can have his Winchester.

Jackson is talking up a storm. Sometimes he doesn't say the most appropriate things (one of his current favorite phrases is "shut up bitches!" - he heard it on The F Word, not from me, thank you very much Gordon Ramsay) but most of the time he is coming up with stories and telling me what he wants to do and articulating rather well for a 2 year old. He definitely has his likes and dislikes down. Like: cookies and riding the train with Abi. (Abi = abuelita. AKA My mom.) Dislikes: Apparently broccoli which he calls a "big tree." He also likes to pretend he's a cat, a dog or a dinosaur and he is currently drawing a "T-Rex" on a piece of paper.

We've been playing outside a lot since the weather has been nice and warm and he can just about reach the peddles on his Diego tricycle.

I really quite love my family! They're the source of my smile.

Me? I've been putting together a proposal for a possible film gig and playing manager to Casey's extra-curricular activities. Between filming, CPR class for work, and helping his dad out we haven't had much free time together. Hopefully this weekend, though, we may get some time. Woot. We shall see... The next few weeks will be particularly busy, though, so yeah.

That's all from our neck of the woods. Tomorrow: stirring up shit with South Bend schools. How fun!