Monday, November 08, 2010

Tis almost the season?

As I type these first few words I have already sneezed 6 times. The weather is completely wonky here in northern Indiana. It's just like they say "Wait five minutes and it'll change." Over the weekend we had our first snow. It got down to 28 degrees on Friday night. It snowed a little bit on Thursday, but Friday was the day that it really came down. Well, I say really but we only got about an inch, inch and a half. It stuck for just over 24 hours, though, so that made it the first significant snow fall.

Naturally, Jackson wanted to go out and play in the snow. But, without snow boots, I'm not going send him in wet snow. That's just not smart. I didn't let Lily go out either for the same reason. My dad was up visiting when we got the snow. Too bad he didn't stay until today, though, because today it got up to 68 degrees (at least, this is according to my dashboard). Tomorrow it's supposed to be just as warm, if not a little more. I'm going to enjoy it while I can because it's supposed to be rainy and cold (mid 40s) by this weekend.

Belly baby is doing well. This is the second day I haven't taken a nap . I find I sleep better at night when I don't nap, even though I could totally use one and sometimes drag during the day. I've taken to sleeping a pillow between my knees. I'm starting not to be comfortable. Apparently, the baby is now the size of an avocado and my bladder is starting to become more of a trampoline than a bladder. I signed Jackson and myself to go to a mommy and me super siblings class at the hospital. The class is in January, so there's plenty of time, but the class fills up fast, so I wanted to make sure I got him in.

I took Lily to the class when I was preggo with Jackson and I think she learned a lot. Although, when it came right down to it, she recently confessed to me that she thought Jack was going to be a lot cooler when he was born. Much to her disappointment he was little more than a "blob." At least she's honest?

So, that's where we are right now. It snowed. It melted. Kids are good. Belly baby is an avocado and Lily thought Jack was gonna be cool. That's all I got.