Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Home Stretch

I'm so horrible about blogging. Insanely horrible. I have to admit that I tend to frequent facebook more than my blog. I guess I equate my blog to a journal of sorts. I keep a journal outside of my blog and it seems to me that when things are going right, I tend to journal/blog less then when I'm feeling blue or whatnot. I should change that, though. There are too many good things worth writing about.

Both Lily and Jackson are very excited about the impending arrival of their new baby sister. Lily keeps asking where Megan is sitting and how much longer and how big she is. Jackson is always giving my belly kisses and says "I love baby Megan." Just the other day the two of them helped Casey put together the bassinet. It was fun to watch them.

Lily is doing fairly well in school. She just recently did a project about "being in movies." She only has about a month of school left and she's really excited about summer break. We have a few things planned already (horseback riding lessons, camping with both sets of grandparents, etc.). Jackson had his first experience at preschool last week. We're trying to get him with preschool in the fall. He is really excited about school. I took him to go see the school (which is conveniently where Lily goes to elementary school as well) and he had just the best time! It was so exciting to see him excited!

Not much else to report. We'll try and post baby pics as soon as Megan joins the fray. Until then... we're really boring people.