Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three Days of Strong Lifts

I'm playing catch up on my journal entries. Crazy busy week last week with lots of running around and my dad came up to visit.

Wednesday 10/19
Squats @ 50lbs. Completed.
Bench Press @ 55 1/2lbs. Completed.
Rows @ 55 1/2lbs. Completed.

Friday 10/21
Squats @ 52 1/2lbs. Completed.
Overhead Press@ 47 1/2lbs. Completed 4 reps of 5. Stuff is getting really tough!

Monday 10/24
Squats @ 57 1/2lbs. Completed.
Bench Press @ 60lbs. Completed 3 reps of 5, one rep of 4, one rep of 3.
Rows @ 60lbs. Completed

My squats are getting a lot easier. It seems like adding the weight to squat it makes it easier to get through them. That doesn't mean that I still don't think they're invented by the devil, but it is definitely getting easier to do. My legs burn in different spots than they did originally and yesterday was the first time that I didn't have jello-leg post workout. I hurt for a bit, but after a couple of hours I was okay. I'm feeling really good and I'm starting to get muscles.

Casey and I are having a lot fun with the stronglifts program. We are both feeling good and despite eating like pigs I haven't gained any weight. Casey has upped his caloric intake so he has actually gained some weight. He wants to gain, though. Me, I want to totally tone. And I'm starting to see a difference. Huzzah!

Now is the part where I go do some laundry. Ugh. I hate laundry. It never ends.

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