Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When we last left our heroine she was expecting her third child. Little did we know that she would be in labor for an entire week before we got to meet the baby girl. Yes, that's right, ONE WEEK OF LABOR. It was up and down and not fun at all. My midwife called it "prodromal labor" which is essentially labor but it's not really going anywhere. We went to and from the doctor's office countless times and it was on Wednesday I was finally given some Ambien so I could sleep. Sleeping good and I wasn't doing it.

Ambien is an amusing little drug (and seriously, it's tiny) that led to amusing and interesting dreams and ramblings. Apparently, I thought the ceiling fan in our room was a Cylon Base Star and there were penguins outside the door wanting carrot cake and there were really bad men that were selling ugly green prom dresses. Oh, and I got mad at Casey because I thought he went roller skating without me. LOL! How funny is that!

Long story short, I went into full on labor and Megan was born on April 30th. She is now 5 months old and we call her Mega Monkey. She's all sorts of fun and very personable. Oh, and she's cute too. Then again, I'm biased.

Lily started 6th grade and Jackson started preschool. So, Megan and I get some mommy and me time on Monday through Thursdays until noon. The year is progressing far too quickly for my liking!

Jackson had his first trip to the ER. No stiches but they did glue a gash together that he got on his forehead.

Lily has joined science club, is rather social and is turning into a gamer chick.

Casey is still working his butt off at the day job as well as writing furiously on far too many projects. I have started a talent company of sorts even though I only have one client at this point. I'm working my butt off to get her work. She works I get paid. I like this gig. AND it's something I can do from home! Woot!

I also started a new workout program with Casey that I'm going to talk about in the next post. Three kids later I'm feeling rather unhappy with my body. So, it's time to do something about it. I'm going to use my blog to chronicle my progress.

That's all for now!

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