Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wait five minutes...

Okay, so the old adage of "It's Indiana- don't like the weather wait five minutes it'll change!" thing is NOT working today. It is by far the nastiest day I've seen in a while. Oh, for those of you who were expecting a workout update? Sorry! This is the gratuitous I'm procrastinating on folding laundry post. Technically so was the last post of the workout update but yeah. Let's talk about the weather, shall we? It's a nasty 50 degrees, it's been raining all day and I had to drag the kids' winter coats out because it's so nasty outside.

When I went outside to get Jackson off the bus I was not only expecting to get blown away but I have to admit that I was also expecting it to start snowing! No, it wasn't that cold, but it certainly was that nasty.

My dad is coming up this weekend. Luckily, the weather is supposed to improve by then. I certainly hope so seeing as how we've got tickets to a hayride, corn maze, etc. I'd be out some money if it was nasty outside.

In other news something must be done about my hair. It's ridiculous right now.

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