Thursday, November 17, 2011

100 Pounds

Last night I squatted 100 pounds. I didn't just squat 100lbs once, I squated a total of 25 squats at 100 pounds each! Insert amazonian woman yell here. Eat your heart out Xena! Casey and I are still keeping up with the Strong Lifts program. I am really enjoying it and I have to admit that I feel completely funky if I don't work out on a day that I'm supposed to. There were, in fact, a couple of days over the past couple of weeks that we were distracted with family obligations and a nasty cold that had both Casey and myself out for a couple of days each in which we didn't work out and I just felt kind of out of kilter because we didn't work out. Well, with the exception of one Sunday afternoon.

That particular Sunday afternoon I went upstairs to take a nap at 1:30 in the afternoon and I slept all the way through until 6:30am the next morning. I'm still hacking up a lung, but I'm working out despite the phlegm.

I am hitting my current limit for bench press and overhead lift. Last night I had an extremely difficult time bench pressing. It's normally my favorite of the excersizes because I started out so forcefully with it and until this week, I've had a few problems but nothing like I did last night. I only managed 1 full rep of 5 at the current weight (sorry, don't have my journal here so I can't tell ya what I did) and then I only managed 1-3 per rep afterwards.

In other news, we're prepping for thanksgiving and I have to say that I'm fairly excited. This is the first time in a while I've gotten to see my Dad on Thanksgiving. I'm also going to visit with my step-siblings and their kids. This will be the first time that they're going to meet baby Megan. I'm not looking forward to the whole driving 7 hours in the dark thing, but oh well. We'll survive. The question remains whether or not Megan will. I have a feeling we'll stop half way to eat and get her out of the car, etc. She's never been in the car for that long before, so it will be an adventure.

I remember doing this with Jack and Lily both and don't recall it being so incredibly horrible, but the Kreechy is a whole different beast, so yeah.

Well, I'm off. Enough procrastinating. I must get laundry put away before I head off to the new Twilight movie tonight.