Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The most wonderful time of the year?

Two days ago it was 70. One day ago it was 60. Today it's 40. I can feel the cold invading our house. It's like it's poking a beer with a stick only in this analogy I'm supposed to be the beer but if I was the beer I would be considerably warmer because of all the fur I'd have and I would have a really really great excuse to sleep in. It's called hibernation. The sleeping is the number one requirement! Yeah! The weather man keeps talking about snow. I don't hate snow but I really don't like it. The kids are all "SNOW! SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOW!" And I'm all "NO! NONONONONO!" They don't have to drive in it, they don't have to scrape off the windshield while it's falling, and with the exception of the 40 foot walk from the front door to the bus in the morning they don't have to be out in it if they don't want to. Me? I very much want no snow and if there is snow, someone to get rid of it for me. The one time I do like snow, though (ha! I rhymed!) is at Christmas. I love a white Christmas. I think it goes really well with my Christmas Tombstone pizza and my Christmas pjs. The rest of winter? Um, is it too late to go back in time with the winning lotto numbers, buy a ticket and make myself rich? What do you mean time travel hasn't been invented yet? Crap... looks like I'll have to deal with impending snow, huh?