Friday, March 21, 2014

Journal: Day 2 of Spring

Entry:  March 21, 2014

I fear Mother Nature has abandoned us to the mice.  Snow blankets the ground with only sparse bits of grass and twigs sticking up out of it.  The little bit of grass that can be seen is brown and undoubtedly dead.  I will surely get my ass kicked for making this comment, but I believe Mother Nature may be experiencing some form of reverse menopause where instead of hot flashes, we are experiencing flashes of cold.  

... If only one could actually find her physical persona, grab her about the shoulders, shake her not too violently, proceed to smack her and yell "Get yourself together woman!"  Perhaps she will realize that it is indeed spring and it is time for things to bloom!  

I can only hope that later this afternoon when it is supposed to reach 60 degrees that we are able to block this horribleness from our minds and move forward.



PS Is anyone else wondering whether or not this is a Disney marketing campaign for Frozen gone horribly awry?

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