Thursday, December 14, 2017


Never ever ever agree with your six year old and tell your wife that she looks like "Cruella DeVille" nor should you tell her she has an "old lady" haircut when she's trying to grow out a pixie and JUST got back from the salon.

For the record, I felt like a fucking rockstar when I got home.  That lasted the whole 20 seconds from when I walked through the door and took off my hat (and the only reason I was wearing a hat was because I had to put gas in the car and it was 7 degrees outside - you'd be wearing a hat too).  Thanks for completely ruining it for me.  Both you and the six year old.

Oh, and then don't wonder why your wife really doesn't want to be in the same room as you.   Here's a hint:  you made her cry for 10 minutes. She's still so mad that she's not even sure she wants to go see Star Wars with you tomorrow.  She may go, but she probably isn't going to talk to you.  Just saying. 

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