Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The "Normalized" Schedule

Day two of waking up before the sun comes up. This right here is why I don't like it when the kids are on break.

Sure, it's nice the first few days - sleeping in, snuggling up in the morning, staying up late and being goofy.  Then, the laziness begins.    The sleeping in and staying up late leads to a horrible pattern so difficult to break.  You tell yourself that you're going to go to bed early so you can get yourself back on your schedule and you succeed on getting the kids to bed at their normal bedtime.  Then, at maybe 10pm, you send yourself to bed, fall asleep reading around maybe 10:30 only to be woken up by the alarm clock at a time that you truly believe is too early for a civilized society when in reality it is a normal time.

Alexa, courtesy of my Amazon Echo, woke me up when she was supposed to.  I love that thing.  I'm still slightly paranoid at her listening all the time, but not enough to really bug the shit out of me.  (If the CIA is listening, they've got a straight line to our sex life.  Pretty awesome, huh guys?  Fifteen years of marriage and we still have passion! Yeah!)  I haven't figured out to snooze the thing yet, so I turned it off.  And this morning, I fell back asleep.  Casey came in and woke me up rather gently. I don't remember if he actually said anything or just rubbed my back.  There may have been a well-placed Felicity style "Hey" in there.   I propped myself up on my elbows, phone in hand, and checked my email.  Who would I have to deal with this morning?  Nobody important?  Cool.  And then I fell asleep again, phone in hands, propped up in a weird pose.  I "woke up" ten minutes later.

As I trudged (and trust me, there was trudging) to the bathroom I heard the kettle boiling.  I love my husband.  He was making me coffee.  I did the whole shower thing, got dressed and that finds me here.  Giant cup of coffee in hand, I have responded to the emails that were important, sent clients updates and now... Now, I'm ready to crawl back in bed. Please and thank you. 

Today, the "Hustle" light shall remain dark at my desk.  Lucky, the unicorn, shall stare back at me in shame.  I shall make myself get out of the house with Casey just so I stand a chance of staying awake.  I have only been up for an hour, but feel that I have been productive enough.  I am hoping that the cold air outside will shock my system into actually doing something more.  We'll see, though. I'm ridiculously tired.

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