Friday, February 03, 2006

Lily's words of wisdom.

This is Lily. She's my six year old daughter. As a parent, I try and teach her valuable pearls of wisdom whenever the opportunity poses itself and I have in turn, learned many things from her to. For example, I learned yesterday that Blake (one of Lily's "boyfriends") screams like a girl. I parted the following wisdom on her: Boys don't like to be told they scream like girls.

Maybe at the age of 6 that's something to be proud of, but somehow, I don't think so. I'll have to ask Casey about that one.

Something happened at dinner time, though, that made me laugh so hard I started coughing. I had something said back to me that I absolutely did not expect. The conversation was as follows:

Me: C'mon Lily, we need to eat our fruit.

Lily: [sitting there quietly, staring at the fruit as if it was a carrier of some deadly disease, or worse... corn beef hash]

Casey: Lily, the fruit is good! It's got sugar and syrup and good stuff. It's sweet!

Lily: Kids shouldn't have so much sugar!

Insert hysterical laughter from me here.

I had told Lily that exact phrase not two days prior. She wanted root beer before bed and that is a great big no-no. I told her that she could not have any root beer and she asked why, so I told her that root beer has a lot of sugar and kids shouldn't have so much sugar before bed.

At least I know some stuff sticks.

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