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Quiet Christmas



Her Grinchiness

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

"Absolutely nothing to report!" She says with a grin.

That'll do, Pig...

Can I have one weekend where I'm not feeling like poo or busy? Please?

Are we done yet? Nope! Not even close!

Let's check the inbox... Again!

Makin' Music

And now your weekend update...

About 24 hours to go...

Cracked- A Venting Session.

School Nap

Two days down, a whole bunch to go.

Back to School

Lazy Day

Blog Neglect

Happy Birthday Lily!!

Sleepy Saturday

A little bit of a giggle.

Tis the Season...

Where I'll be till Saturday

And now our feature presentation...

Return of the Plague

::cough cough::

Insert Car-hitting-Ben Sound Here

Wearing the Producer Jacket


Under the Big Hat

Life with a toddler.

Heigh ho, heigh ho, back to work we go...

Anniversary Conversation between a husband and wife.

Rest time!


Oy! What's that green stuff over there?

Lemurs, and Kangaroos and Tigers! Oh my!

Location! Location! Location!

While you were sleeping...

I wish my ass was being globally warmed...

Because I'm not stupid...


It doesn't feel like winter...

That annoying grinding noise is back...