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A Very Niche Post

  At Ikea, they have all sorts of bookshelves.  They have the Billy bookshelf, the Hemnes, and a bunch of other Swedish names that my son has made into countless puns - I'm so proud.  Out of the variety of bookshelves that Ikea offers, my personal fav is the Kallax.  I cannot express how much I love these things.  We have several around the house - a giant one where we put boardgames, four smaller ones in various rooms that we actually use as bookshelves, and also for DOOM boxes and office supply storage. Love it, love it, love it.  It's so versatile!   About 10 years ago, when my Mom was still with us and doing her own OCD estate planning thing (which I am extremely grateful for), she called me and demanded that I absolutely must come over to her house and that we were going to go see where she wanted to be buried.   You're probably asking yourself what the heck does a bookshelf have to do with estate planning.  I promise I'll get there.  Now, where was I? My Mom, bles

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