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Don't mind me! I'm just in the middle of an anxiety attack.

It is 11:50 PM and I am at the start of a panic attack.  I just took a Xanax, I just have to wait for it to kick in.   I have felt it coming all day.  If I'm being honest about it, I probably should have taken a Xanax before I went to bed.  But, I didn't.  I thought: "Hey, my day ended pretty good! I'm not going to take one!" I should have known better because while I was tired (okay, I was mentally and emotionally exhausted) I figured I'd watch some tv and crash out.   Oh boy, was I wrong.  And I feel like this one is turning into a doozy.   This morning I felt the ball of anxiety building in my chest.  It was sitting heavy between my back and my stomach.  I felt like I was being pulled inward towards myself.  I keep kicking myself knowing that it was there and just pushing it down.  I mentioned it to Kacy and she asked me if I wanted to talk about it.  I didn't have anything to talk about at the time - it was the same old stuff that's been causing me

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