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Stories I haven't told my parents: The Marisa Edition

  This is Marisa.  She is one of my bestest and oldest friends in the whole world.  We have been friends for about 36 years.  We met one summer when we were put into the same group of ragtag kids at a YMCA Day Camp held at the local park.  Neither of us wanted to be there.  We hated camp, but we instantly bonded when we called our counselor (glorified babysitter for the few days a week we went to this camp?) dumb for trying to convince us that the watermelon we were supposed to be snacking on was actually a long-forgotten dinosaur egg.  We weren't buying it and we definitely weren't eating the watermelon.  And who in their right mind would want to eat a dinosaur egg? Seriously. ANYWHO... our friendship began!!  Our parents very quickly got the two of us together for playdates and involved in as many activities as they possibly could so we could hang out together.  My Mom began giving Marisa piano lessons.  Marisa's parents suggested I join the children's choir with Mar

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