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Buenas Noches, Muchachos!

Going to bed at 46 is significantly harder than it was when I was younger.  Well, I say that, but if I really think about it, I've always had a hard time falling asleep.   But, I digress!  You'd think as an adult  (kids- pay attention, this is some valuable insight into what your parents deal with) that because your day is so busy with work, making various appointments, indoor and outdoor chores... You would naturally be inclined to think that after putting in a hard day of adulting that one would (or could) simply be able to climb in bed and drift off into dreamland.   WRONG! Falling asleep instantly feels like a pipe dream.  In fact, the few times I have fallen asleep anywhere close to instantly was thanks to some Ambien prescribed to me in a very specific quantity because I was also in what is called prodromal labor (you're in active labor but it's not going anywhere) at the time and had already been contracting every 10 minutes and my midwife was like "Girl, yo

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