Monday, February 06, 2006

Methinks Blogger doesn't like me...

I've tried to post a couple of times over the past two days, but for some reason, blogger has just not liked me. It's either the fact that Casey has been downloading the beta for some game (our computer keeps blinking "YOU ARE RUNNING LOW ON DISC SPACE!!" and I secretely suspect it's holding back the word "dumbass") or the fact that blogger just hasn't liked me. I'm going with the downloading bit. I've been just as guilty, though... My sims need new clothes. And a new car. Sure, the Ferrari wannabe on the game is nice, but darn it, I've got my hopes up for a Mini Cooper convertible or maybe a BMW convertible. Not too much to ask is it?

I really think they should add a motorcycle to the game. That would be spiff.

ANYWAY... Weekend stuffs.

I had a pedicure for the first time ever. It was nice and it was given to me by this guy named Hal. No, he was not an evil computer, but is gay. In any case, he's one of my classmates and I had never had a pedicure before. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have found yet another perk of fashionista training. After the experience my feet were softer than they have been in years and they smelled of peppermint. I wished it was summer so I could run around barefoot. But, alas! It was 30 degrees outside and I had to put stuff socks and shoes back on. Yech. I was invited to go out barhopping sometime in the near future. I can't remember if I've ever been barhopping. I was also invited to go to Ikea in Shaumberg, though, and that definitely seems more my speed. I'm thinking dinner at Mideval times afterwards! WOO HOO! (Although, I must admit, that Casey and I are plotting to go there to celebrate our second wedding anniversery. Nothing says I love you like eatting food with your hands and cheering on some guy with a sword!)

The rest of my Saturday was spent doing taxes with Casey and being all loungey. Naturally, I chucked my shoes and socks as soon as I came in the door to show off my newly pedicured feet, but quickly opted for fuzzy slippers cuz it was damned cold.

I scored an A+ on my test, so I figured I deserved an afternoon without studying. Yes, I can now remove unwanted hair from people with the best of 'em. Hee hee.

Sunday was what you could call dull. We sat around and watched movies all day. Casey was feeling nasty (thanks to a cold that Lily and I both gave him), and none of us felt like moving off the couch. It was just not a very productive day. I probably should have been doing homework or something, but I didn't. I felt like being a couch potato, and so did the rest of my family, so I just kind of went with that vibe. My toe nails were still a lovely shade of pink, though.

I went to bed relatively early for me (10PM) and then that brings us to Monday.

Lily went to school, Casey went to work, and I went to IUSB for a short time, but then came home and studied studied studied. I completed homework for tomorrow (6 pages in Theory workbook, 16 review questions at the end of a very long "histology of skin" chapter, and a practice test that took up four printed pages and very small font). I stopped at 12:30 for a ham sandwhich and headed to Lily's school at 12:50 for an award's ceremony. She read a bunch of books (so far we're up to 112 for the school year) and she got a special bracelet that says "Reading is cool!" and a certificate. She also got a good citizenship award, although I really don't know what for. Apparently, her class got a party a couple of weeks ago because they got so many compliments. I have no clue about that, but I think it's cool. My kid is a good kid, and that's nice to know.

I also got the dates that I'm going to go read to Lily's class. About a week ago I volunteered to go in and read to her class (a program her teacher is having). I will be reading three times and I already have my first book picked out. I will be reading the book "How I became a Pirate". It is one of my favourite books to read to Lily. I do really great pirate voices and everything! My second choice is "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day" which is my second favourite book to read to Lily. I actually believe that all people should have a copy of the Alexander book reguardless of their age simply because it makes you realize that your problems are insignificant when you really think about it.

Casey is on his way home now and I'm going to go make him some soup. Yum yum yum. He feels really bad and wants to go to sleep, but I will make him eat some soup because it will be good for him.

So yeah, that was my saturday, sunday and monday. Dull, huh?


lovelysalome said...

What's the class stuff about? You never posted about starting school. What's up??

Jess said...

Sorry! That's my bad! I never did come out and say it, did I?? Um, yeah... will be posting and emailing you momentarily.