Saturday, October 14, 2006

The exact opposite of romance.

Last night was not fun. In fact, last night was the exact opposite of fun. Last night was supposed to be fun, but quickly turned the opposite.

Lily had been complaining of a stomach ache since she woke up Friday morning. She, however, wanted to go to school, because she didn't want to miss picture day. That, coupled with the fact she wanted me to make her hair "curly" (curled with a curling iron), was just too much to keep her home. The day progressed normally, she came home and then Jed called. He wanted to know if I could watch his kids overnight. Not a problem. They're older, more self sufficient, it's all good. Lily was excited about this, too. It would be her first co-ed sleep over!

Well, things didn't go quite as planned. Around 7:30, Lily decided that she was going to throw up and that was exactly what she did. She threw up several times (and it was incredibly rancid....ew ew ew ew ew), and finally fell asleep on my lap in the bathroom. I called Jed, let him know the situation. I told him Lily would probably sleep through the night and if he needed me to, the kids could still come over but I didn't think spending the night would be wise.

He agreed and thankfully, he decided to make other plans for the kids. Thanks for being cool Jedlipuff.

Lily, however, wasn't finished. Between 9:30 and 4:30, she threw up no less than 7 times, had horribly bad diarrea that led to three baths (all between the hours of midnight and 3AM) and three sheet changes on the bed. One particularly bad time, around 1:30, I had to get Casey up to help me. I had him go downstairs with Lily and sit with her while I cleaned up the mess in the bedroom. Casey was so groggy and asleep that he had to not only ask me three times last night what he was doing (while I was W I D E awake), but he also asked me what I had him do last night because he couldn't remember anything.

I finally managed to squeeze in about an hour and a half of sleep only to hear the alarm clock going off at 6:00AM. Not fun. I managed to fall back asleep and then woke up at 9:30 when Heather called to inform me that it was perfectly okay for me to come in at 1PM instead of noon. I said "Thanks, now if you don't mind, I'd like to go back to sleep."

Which, naturally, I didn't. I got up, started doing laundry, dishes and trying to clean the house to at least a liveable stage.

Now, I've got to get ready for work and make myself presentable and I can't find any clean black pants as they were in a pile next to the bed that got thrown up on. Oh well, looks like it's jeans for me today!


lovelysalome said...

What a shitty, horrible night. Here's to a peaceful evening tonight! Hope she's feeling better soon so you can all get some sleep.

Mircalla said...

I am so sorry about it!

How is she today?