Thursday, March 29, 2007

Preggo Pants

Today, I had to go buy a pair of khaki maternity pants. I've sort of been dreading this, but since my regular khakis have been fighting me on wanting to button up and a large hole materialized along one of the seems, I didn't have much of a choice. So, out I went at 10:00 this morning, in search of maternity khaki pants. The maternity khaki pants not such a hard find. The hard part was finding my size.

I am a petite person. Petite meaning only 5'2" tall. There were "regular" sized maternity pants all over the place! Petite, however... Not so much. I did the whole cheap thing first. I hit various Goodwills, Salvation Army's, etc. Found a couple of pairs of jeans that I could probably pull off if I wanted the belly panel to cover my boobs (think tube top and jeans combined), but no khakis. So, I figured Walmart. They had khakis, they just were about a foot too long. So, why not try JC Penney's. They had petite maternity stuff on the website, I figured "Hey, they'll have it in the store too!" Yeah, right. The maternity section basically comprised of jeans that were way too long (although, their regular length capris would probably work for and a bunch of what I thought were absolutely hideous tops, with the exception of one kimono style top that was really quite cute but too pricey (we're talking nearly $40 for a shirt...yeah, right!). So, off to Sears. Sears maternity is non-existant. Apparently, pregnant people don't shop at Sears. One store left: Motherhood Maternity.

I walked in the store to find a screaming child and her mother. Five minutes of screaming was totally annoying me, so I did what I normally do with screaming kids (while the mother was browsing around and then checking out). I got down, eye level, and started talking to her. I discovered her name was Emma and she was 2. She also had pink shoes and she liked to play peek-a-boo. We "chatted" (that basically means she giggled and I made faces and complimented her very cute pink sketchers) while her mom finished her transaction in peace and as Emma and her mom prepared to leave, the woman couldn't thank me enough. Apparently, Emma had been screaming for about half an hour prior to my arrival. The girl was ready to go. Good deed of the day accomplished. I can only hope that Mom passes it on somewhere and that Emma made it home without another outburst.

The clerk was so greatful she gave me 10% off my pants and this really cute shirt. Oh yes, I found the pants and managed to score them for under $20! Woot! My only problem with them is that wonderfully itchy belly panel. What is it with those things?! They're too itchy!

So, now I'm off to Lily's parent teacher conference. I'm hoping she's doing okay, but I've noticed a substantial lack of focus lately. I've got to talk to her teacher about that... BUT, She's a good kid, so I'm not horribly worried.

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