Friday, June 08, 2007

Almost 29...

In 2 days, I turn 29 years old. I was curious as far as which celebs are the same age as me and this is the list I discovered:

Aiken, Clay (30 November, American Idol)
Alves, Michelle (19 September, supermodel... there's hope for me yet)
Bryant, Kobe (23 August, basketball player, no hope for me there)
Burns, Brooke (16 March, actress)
Butterfield, Valeisha (I categorize her as a celebutante chartity chick)
Casta, Laetitia (11 May, supermodel)
Cicarelli, Daniella (6 November, Brazillian "muse of summer 2001")
Cox, Nikki (2 June, actress on show Las Vegas)
Diaz-Rahi, Yamila (Argentinian model)
Eve of Destruction (10 November, better known as Eve, rapper chick)
Federline, Kevin (21 March, annoying ex of Britney Spears)
Fett, Boba (Bounty Hunter extrodanaire)
Franco, James (19 April, Actor that played the son of the Green Goblin in Spidey movies)
Furtado, Nelly (2 December, singer)
Grace, Topher (12 July, played Eric Foreman on That 70's show)
Hartnett, Josh (21 July, actor was in Pearl Harbor and a bunch of other stuff)
Holmes, Katie (18 December, actress, married/brainwashed by Tom Cruise)
Kass, Carmen (14 September, model)
Kobayashi, Takeru (Japanese dude that holds the record for hotdogs eaten in like 2 minutes or something)
Kutcher, Ashton (7 February, Demi Moore's very young hubby and creator of Punk'd)
Legend, John (28 December, singer dude)
Rodriguez, Michelle (12 July, actress, most recently offed in Lost.)
Stiles, Jackie (21 December, female basketball player)
Studdard, Ruben (12 September, American Idol)
Tautou, Audrey (9 August, actress most recently featured in The DaVinci Code)
Usher (14 October, R&B singer)
Warren, Estella (23 December, model)
West, Shane (10 June, actor that can be seen on ER... I think he just got ran over or something on the show)

My thoughts? Oh thank god I'm better off and a hell of a lot less annoying than K-Fed (eeeewwww! K-Fed!!!). I also think it's cool that Boba Fett is on the list. How awesome is that? A few models on there, so that means there is hope for me looking good yet. Yeah.

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