Monday, June 04, 2007

I assure you that I am indeed alive.

So, it's been something like forever since I blogged. I admit it, I've been bad. It's the damn Brady-Dimera feud on Days that has been keeping me busy. I kid. Days isn't bad, but I have lots better to do around that time in the afternoon.

We did our whole trip to Kentucky, which was fun. Casey blogged about it on his blog. Sorry, no link yet. I forgot what the URL was. He put up the pics I took and I didn't realize they were actually that good. Woot to me. I forgot that I actually was a pretty good photographer.

In other news, Lily's school year is almost up. This is her last week. Monday, June 11, will be her last day. And then we start the most rigorous summer that I've seen yet. Between zoo camp, swimming lessons and signing her up for the summer reading program (among other things), my house elf clothing drive and being pregnant... Yep, busy busy busy.

Quick update on the pregnancy:

1) No middle name. The compromise that I suggested isn't going to work. We still don't have a middle name, although I'm leaning more and more toward Ryan (even though I still really like Tyler despite the fact that I was reminded by my dad that we used to live next door to what he refered to as a little piss ant with the same name). Casey agreed that Ryan would be our fall back name. The gang at Hollywood Video think that we should give him the middle name of "Danger" and are willing to pay me $20 each if I do it. My awesomely cool father in law offered to match whatever funds we made on the sale of "Danger" as long as we DID NOT. I'm starting to see money signs in my eyes... LOL. (Kidding Dennis!!)

2) Pregnancy and wisdom teeth do not mix. I tweaked something on the way home on Saturday night and my jaw has not been right since. The ob/gyn called in a prescription for Tylenol 3 (wonderful wonderful stuff) to get me through to when I can go to the dentist. I set up an appointment for Wednesday. I have a feeling they'll tell me the same thing they did last time: "We can't do any kind of surgery until after you have the kid." I just hope nothing is infected because that would totally suck. Both my mom and dad are giving me a huge "I told you so!" on this one and they have every right to. I should have had them pulled out when I had the chance when I was 18, but me being stubborn and a fraidy cat... Yeah. I will tuck my tail between my legs now and run off to cower until wednesday when I will bravely face the music and impending postpartum teeth removal. Honestly? I have never wanted to go to the dentist so badly in my life.

3) Body pillows are WONDERFUL!!!! I love them I love them I love them!!!

More later.

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Keven said...

You can't call him Jack Ryan.