Monday, July 23, 2007

Too soon?

I heard today that Manuel Noriega, former Panamanian general and all around bad guy, is being released from prison on September 9. This is news to me because my mom's side of the family is Panamanian. I have tons of family that still live in Panama and I have been to Panama several times. Somewhere in my mom's house there are pictures that my aunt took from when the U.S. went into Panama and dropped bombs on the airport where Noriega kept his private plane (they are scary pictures, but kind of cool nonetheless).

France wants to extradite him, people say return him to Panama. The general concensus in my family is that he either a) needs to stay behind bars somewhere in the world for the rest of his natural life or b) return him to Panama because he'll probably be assassinated either upon or shortly after his return. I agree and say good riddance either way. I also think for all of the shit the evil bastard put the country of Panama through, he's getting out of jail way too soon. I have to admit, though, it takes balls to land a plane in the middle of a busy Florida highway even if you are trafficking drugs.

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