Friday, August 17, 2007

Am I done yet?

Between 36 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, you are considered full term.  They say full term because if I were to give birth today (oh, how I wish) our little Jack would be able to hold his own without medical intervention.  Also, they say most women give birth between 36 and 42 weeks of pregnancy.  Personally, right now I'm hoping for sooner rather than later. 

Yesterday and today I have felt like an absolute slug.  I am a lump of flesh who's three favorite places in the house are currently (and in order favorite) 1) my bedroom, 2) the bathroom and 3) the couch.   My back is killing me and it feels like I'm carrying a beach ball in my lower torso.  Somehow, though, I think a beach ball would be a lot easier to carry.  Maybe I should say something more like an oversized basketball?  A 7-8 pound medicine ball?  That sounds about right.  Yep, I have an overwhelming feeling of ickiness all over.  I think I'm over this whole pregnancy thing.  

I made half a dozen custom onesies yesterday.  Lots of cuteness that I will take pictures of.  I think Jack will be the only baby with a Tom Wait's onesie, though.  Actually, he'll have two.  I made two seperate Tom Waits onesies.  I'll try and post some pics later today or tomorrow. 

For now, though, time for me to lay down and see if I can't get my back to stop hurting for a little while. 

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