Saturday, August 04, 2007

Because I can't think of a title...

... I think I'll just call this a weekly update.

It is now 11:09 PM Saturday evening and we're all winding down here at Casa Stone. It's been a far cry from the weekend we were hoping for. The weekend we were hoping for would actually be me, Casey and Lily all vegging out doing a whole lot of nothing. Instead, Casey poured a concrete pad for a shed my mom bought, and Lily and I went to Shipshewana with my dad, who drove up yesterday. I think the dogs were the only ones that had a completely uneventful weekend at home.

No, wait, Jayne got some cheese fries and Ronin had some marshmallows. Yep, the dogs had an exciting weekend too. (Note: on both counts, it would be me leaving those items out for the taking. I should've learned by now... lol)

Casey got the sucky end of the stick, though. He had to stay behind and deal with my mom and John while I got to go off galavanting through the Amish countryside in search of old tractors. You may be like "Old tractors?!" But honestly, I grew up in Kentucky and about every year since the age of 9 or 10 we'd travel up to the Gibson County (in Southern Indiana) fair for their antique tractor show. Dad grew up in Southern Indiana (Francisco, IN, to be exact) and one of his oldest friends still has a far there. My dad's friend, Henry, has an obsession with old John Deere tractors and my dad, for a while there, had an obsession with Massey Harris tractors. He restored two of them and one of them did rather well in the antique tractor pull competition at the Gibson County Fair, I tell you what!

While Henry has stayed tried and true to his John Deere's, (which I have to admit he keeps them in pristine working order and has even gotten his son involved in restoring them to as close to original as he can), Dad's obsession has now shifted to Farmall tractors. He recently purchased a Farmall "C." If I remember correctly he said it was made in 1948. We saw all of three Farmall's today, one of which was in horrible shape, all rusted out and had the word "Quality!" written across the front in chalk despite it's appearance. The other two were beautifully restored and about ten years older than the one my dad bought. Shipshewana, however, seems to be John Deere country. I tried to talk Dad into taking Henry something, but was unsuccessful. Me being completely biased, though, totally thinks that the Massey Harris (not to be confused with Massey Ferguson tractors) is by far a hundred times better looking than either John Deere or Farmall tractors. I remember my dad's Massey Harris... It was this huge, bright red tractor with yellow wheels and it just gleamed in the summer sun! Even when the tires got caked with mud from the tractor pull it was still prettier than a lot of the other contenders out there... I digress, though, because I realize that a lot of people will find me ranting on about childhood memories of tractors (of all things to rant on about) quite dull.

In any case, we did not leave Amish Country empty handed. I grabbed three bags of cookies from a local bakery (best cookies EVER next to Macri's Italian Bakery in downtown South Bend) and then on the way back out of town I made Dad stop at Yoder's Meat and Cheese Mart so I could hunt down some 4 year old cheese and cheddar cheese spread for Casey. I didn't find the cheese spread (they only had a small dinky container that I wasn't about to spend money on when I could find the equivalent for half the price back in South Bend). I walked away with 4 year old cheddar cheese and a sack of smoked string cheese.

While Yoder's certainly was larger, I found myself comparing it to the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha that we went to a few short weeks ago. While I did like Yoder's swiss cheese better, Mars Cheese Castle had much more of a selection. And I really must order some more of that cheese spread from Kenosha... it was tasty.

After our sojurn into Amish Country was over, we decided to head to Alley Oop's (a 50's themed restaurant) for lunch. We got lost on the way, which was amusing. We finally found it and I ended up eatting cheesey fries with a giant double cheese burger. Yum yum yum. And my husband tells me that I don't eat enough.

Tomorrow morning we do the whole breakfast thing with dad and then he's heading back to KY. It was an entertaining weekend to say the least. I find myself totally falling over now, so I'm going to give into that. Sleep was not good last night... ugh... need good sleep now.

So, good night to all. More later.

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