Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have a very fussy baby. Jack, I'm thinking, isn't feeling that great. I think that he has caught the cold that I caught from my dad. Not fun. He has been sleeping for most of the day, but as soon as I try and set him down to get some stuff done, he wakes up and gets this expression on his face that I can only call the "don't put me down I need to be held NOW!" look. It's been a while since Lily was clingy when sick, so I'm not quite used to it. It's amazing when you have a relatively self sufficient 8 year old that is sick and they just want to hang out in their bed and watch movies. Not that I like it when Lily is sick and it's not like I don't check on her 20 times an hour, but it's definitely a lot nicer than having a fussy, unhappy baby that just wants to be held and doesn't quite understand why their mom sticks something up their nose every so often to suck out boogers. Then again, they don't understand boogers at Jack's age anyway.

I managed to put Jack in his swing and sweep the floor and have some lunch. This is good. I'm still feeling quite tired, though. I'm thinking after I pick Lily up naptime for yours truly is definitely in order.

Well, I'm going to attempt to be productive while I still have time. The kitchen needs cleaned and laundry needs to be put away. Whee fun!

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