Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Six Month Old Behemouth

Jackson is officially 6 months old (as of Friday, the 21st) and the boy is HUGE!!!  He has learned how to bang stuff, throw stuff, babbles constantly and this week we're learning how to turn on and off lights (we can't pass a light switch now without him wanting to turn it on and off constantly).   Oh, and he loves to be thrown into the air (which doesn't happen too often because he's completely heavy).  He's definitely a boy!

His check up was on Monday and the official stats are 20 pounds 4 ounces and 27 inches long.  This puts him in the 95th percentile for weight and 85th percentile for height.  

It's funny seeing how different he is from Lily as a baby.  Lily, much like she is now, was a very quiet, reserved baby.  Jackson... Well, he's a boy and he's ALWAYS moving.   He's also always babbling and it's almost like he wants to grow up NOW.  He does this hilarious thing when I've got him on my lap where he just jumps.  He wiggles up and down like he's trying to get away but yet he's not quite ready to leave Mommy.   

I think that sister Lily is definitely the favorite person, though.  He just laughs and smiles and his entire face lights up even more when he sees her.   He'll sit there and just "talk" to her and she'll talk back.  She's been reading to him in the afternoons after school which is not only a good thing for her, but it's also good for Jack.   One of these days, I swear he's going to talk.  And I'm pretty sure that his first word will either be "Dude!"  or "Lily."  My bet's on Lily. 

So yeah, the family is good. Happy family. Whoo hoo.  Now, if we'd all stay healthy for a while maybe we can actually get out of this house. 

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Mircalla said...

he is soooo cute!

happy half-birthday to Jack!