Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning

This week I have dedicated to spring cleaning and beef stroganoff.  The cleaning part is off to a good start, but the beef stroganoff has yet to be made.  I think I'll round out the week with that.  

I'm actually quite proud of myself.  I cleaned the laundry room (including a much needed washing of the walls), managed to fold the fitted sheets so they didn't look too horrible (a task in itself) and I have maybe two loads of laundry left. Whoo hoo!  Upstairs there isn't enough for a full load, so I'm waiting until Casey gets home on that one.   I also deep cleaned the kitchen, walls in kitchen, baseboards... I still have to get the kitchen window which is on my list today.  The dining room windows and floors are done, the piano is dusted and as soon as the floor is dry (hence why I am in the office typing away... wet floors are a pain) I'm going to get out the step ladder and clean the fan in there.  It's collected a fall and winters' worth of dust. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

After that, I move furniture back to that room and get started on the living room if time allows. I have a parent teacher conference at 2:00 and it's already 1:00, so I may have to post pone the living room for tomorrow or Friday (I have shopping duties with Mickie tomorrow and I'm also dying her hair before the wedding we're going to on Saturday). 

I've decided that I'd like to take a dance class.  There is a place about ten minutes away that is offering a beginning adult hip hop class.  Lately, I've been doing a lot of dancing at home while cleaning and procrastinating cleaning and I have always enjoyed dance class (I took ballet from ages 4 until 10, tap from 8 years until 10 years, and I also took Jazz for a year... Spirit fingers y'all!) and I figure it would be a) fun and fitness oriented and b) a way to get out of the house at least once a week.  I'm trying to talk Mickie into coming with me since we've been doing practically everything together lately.  We're both suffering from kids and cabin fever. 

So yeah, that's the plan.  I'm going to go check on my floors and then if they're good I'm going to move furniture back and take a load of laundry upstairs to fold. 

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