Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Our little man is 1 year old today!  Has it really been a year already?  Amazing!!

Little man had a HUGE birthday party yesterday.  The family from Chicago came, Harvey Putter family came, my dad and stepmom were here (albeit stepmom hid in the RV all day as not to cause any problems)... I think about everyone I knew was here. Very few exceptions to people MIA. 

Jack cleaned up quite nicely.  The smash cake was brilliant (I'll post pictures later as I have to transfer them from HP to Mac) and the pizza was a hit. 

Today is clean up and possibly a trip to the apple festival.  Depends on how lazy we're feeling.  I'd like to go but it won't kill me if we don't go. 

We're definitely tired, though.  So is little man.  Lily, I think, is the only one that is still having a blast.  Ah, to have that kind of energy. 

Life definitely changed with Jack... he's made everything a lot more interesting.  

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