Monday, January 04, 2010

Well, that was colorful!

Today started off around 2:30 in the morning when I yelled down the stairs at hubby to get his butt to bed. There were sounds of warfare going on. It was the pokey-kind with swords, and the occasional swish of magic. No machine guns this time. There haven't been machine guns in a while, though. It's been all about the swords lately. I suppose 2:30 is better than the 4:30 that it has been the past few days, though.

At 4:15, Jackson started whimpering. I got up and did the whole good mommy thing of picking him up for a minute and then setting him back down and re-tucking him in. He went back to sleep. At 4:30 he started whimpering again. This time he started whimpering/chanting "di-per change!" It was horribly pathetic. So horribly pathetic that both Casey and I got out of bed. Casey headed downstairs for a diaper and wipes and I took on the task of removing the footy pajamas and diaper. And that was when I sent Casey back downstairs for the desitin and a warm washcloth. Jackson had diaper rash from hell. It was so bad, that he was screaming. We let baby air dry for a bit and then I put him back in his pull ups and had him crash in bed with us.

Twenty minutes later the alarm goes off. I get up, proceed to cuss at the downstairs and clean it up, muttering horrible things about how anything I find out of place from here on out is getting pitched out the window with the trash. This would be the perfect example of an empty threat.

Half an hour after that, neighbor kids show up. Calm ensues until 6:40 at which time I go upstairs and yell at Casey to get his ass out of bed, end of discussion. This was hilarious. Lily gets up and heads downstairs. She's in a good mood! Huzzah!

Kids have breakfast, everything is going smoothly, I get Jackson up and dressed, head outside to clear a path to the car (we got something like 2 inches overnight in addition to the crap we already had on the ground) and clear off the car. Takes 15 minutes, just the exact amount of time that I needed before we had to leave for school.

... And then one of the neighbor girls proceeds to puke on the floor. She had fruit loops for breakfast.

And then she does it again.

I start calling the grandma. Grandma not answering cell. "Hey girls, what's your dad's cell phone number?" "We don't know." Okay... call grandma's work place. Got the grandma. Grandma says take pukey mcpuke in the car while you drop the kids off and I'll find something. Um, no. Not taking pukey in the car. Don't want fruit loops on the floorboard of my clean car, thank you very much. I make arrangements for Lily to go to school with a friend, call the girls' uncle and says "I'm bringing her to you." And then, call the girls' school saying one is sick and the other is gonna be late.

On top of it all, the kitchen sink won't drain which lead me to some plumbing adventures leaving me smelling like draino. Um, yeah... I think I need that nap now? I'll do productive stuff after that nap. Yessss....

Goodnight moon!

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