Monday, January 30, 2006

Fashion tip of the day.

I have to admit, that these are my new favourite pair of shoes. Normally, because I'm so short, I don't like to wear flats, but these are just so gosh darn cute! So cute, in fact, that I'm attempting to start a new fashion trend.... Ladies and gentlemen, they went over well in the asian market, I present to you the newly rediscovered Chinese slipper!

This particular pair of black mary jane style slippers has lovely red flowers brocaded all over them. Now, normally one would find these in some sort of import store, or even overseas, but if you're looking for a cute pair at a reasonable cost, may I suggest to you The Pyramid Collection. They have a handful of styles and colors. The rest of their stuff is fun to look, too.

I already have plans for these shoes for the summer, too. I kind of worry that they're silk and with me wearing them, I'll wear them out quickly, but I only paid $14 for them, so I'm not complaining. That, and I have a nifty store where I can buy more styles and colors (if you're in Mishawaka, the store is called Lisa's Vast Mart and is located conveniently inside UP Mall). I plan on pairing these shoes with a cute pair of black capri pants and a cute chinese style shirt (no pics yet, sorry). In this particular picture, however, I am wearing them with a cute pair of palazzo style pants. For those of you who are like "WTF are palazzo style pants?" Think gaucho pants that go to the floor. They're basically a style of pants that is tailored at the waist and widens as the pant leg goes to the floor. I like mine to sit just at the top of foot, about to where my ankle and foot meet. I didn't think I could possibly look good in something like that when it was recommended to me, but I tried a pair on and they looked stellar. I have to admit, they kind of make me feel glamorous and very chic. I also like the swooshy-ness of bottom of them too. They're very free flowing.

I added a what they call an Emma top (picture curtosy of Wet Seal), along with a 60 inch glass bead necklace (very 1920's flapper-esque) and the outfit is complete. For some reason, I am getting very much into softer looks. While I admit that this particular outfit is all black (it still looks stunning), there are a lot of soft, "girlie" elements to it. Casey thinks that this is one of the best outfits I have put together in a long time. It's funny, I have never been very "girlie." Yes, I enjoy fashion and changing my hair colour and style to suit my mood (my motto used to be "If you're in a bad mood, cut your hair"), but at the same time I was always the kind of girl that you'd find climbing up a tree or attempting to do backflips and karate in the front yard. And then came my teenage years and while I still enjoyed the karate and the backflips, I got into fashion and shopping at The Limited. I pampered myself and learned how to take care of my skin, and my hair and how to (most importantly) dye my hair. If there was anything that Casey ever complained about it was that my skin was too soft. And that really wasn't a complaint.

Then, I let myself go. Now, I'm slowly getting back to myself. I'm paying more attention to fashion, I won't leave the house without makeup anymore, and I'm making a concious effort to look good. Something that my hubby is definitely appreciating. I'm also starting to lose some weight again. I've started doing yoga (which is kicking my ASS) thanks to three videos I got for Christmas, and I'm still having fun with Carmen Electra. Tomorrow, I'm adding in some Dance, Dance Revolution to get some more aerobic activity in. I'm thinking by swim suit season I should be able to pull out a two piece. Maybe not a bikini, but certainly a tankini.

So yeah, look forward to more fashion updates. I am certainly going to be adding my own little flare to upcoming styles.

OH, prediction: Gaucho pants with calf high lace up boots. Sexy.

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