Thursday, January 12, 2006


I'm finally winding down, listening to tunes and find myself drooling over the sexy sounds of Chris Isaak. I have decided that he is definitely going on my "list."

There is just something about his music that makes me just takes me away to this fantasy place. Think of the music video of "Wicked Games" and then insert a slight gasp here.

I've been incredibly silly today. Need an example? Check out my previous posts of the day. I think it's a good thing that I'm calming down. Casey seemed to enjoy me being in a good mood, especially after the past few days (I've been kind of blah).

So tomorrow I have to do all the unfun adult stuff like go grocery shopping, mopping floors. I might try and bake a cake if I'm feeling up for it. It all depends on how much unfun stuff I get done. The bathroom could also use a good cleaning. Although, cake does sound really good. That, and I really need to start looking for an anniversery present for Casey.

Our anniversery is in a little over a month and I have yet to think of anything... I'm sure I'll come up with something create. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. In case you're wondering, we've been married for 2 years.

That's all for me. Good night all!

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