Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Making long of the short of it...

So, I had my extensions put in today and I can honestly say OWWWWWWW!!!!! Michelle, one of my fabulous classmates, took the time to take my short little hair and braid (yes BRAID) in tracks and then sewed in the extensions. The final result:

Very Natural... Well, with the exception of the bright pink highlights (which conveniently match my nail polish). My scalp is throbbing (which will hopefully go away), but I look fabulous. I feel fabulous, too. So fabulous, I bought Michelle lunch.

The style is a natural layered style (which I have pulled back with a headbad at the moment), that ends just above the middle of my back. Everyone was commenting on how incredibly cute and awesome I look and they're also taking bets to see how long I actually leave 'em in my hair.

So, what did it look like while it was being done? Here ya go:

The tiny track.

Half way done.

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