Monday, January 29, 2007

Lily's First Sleepover

On Saturday, Lily had a friend over to spend the night for the very first time. Sabrina, Lily's best friend from school, came over around 1:00 PM and the girls played and played and played. Lots of running around, screaming, and merry-making. The girls had pizza (aka the ultimate slumber party food) and made a cake, drank chocolate milk, watched movies, dressed up like Disney Princesses and played Nintendo. Note: Little girls dressed as princesses playing Mario Kart are really cute.

Low and behold we survived.... Until bedtime. I put the girls to bed about 9:15. My whole thought was "Okay, they've played all day, they're going to be tired. Falling asleep won't be a problem." OH boy was I wrong. The first half hour was lots of giggling and whispering. I let it slide because I consider myself a cool mom. After a half an hour though, I found myself shifting into parent mode and called up the stairs: "Okay girls, there's too much noise coming from upstairs. You need to go to sleep." And then I promptly thought: ah, crap... I've taken another step into adulthood.

There was a little more whispering and then, I heard footsteps on the stairs. Sabrina, sporting a weepy look, asked: "Is the sun coming up yet?" I told her no, that it was still night time and the sooner they went to sleep, the sooner the sun would be up. So, back up the stairs they went. And ten minutes later, here they come again. Sabrina missed her mommy. Naturally, I did what any parent would do, and let her call her mom. I was actually expecting something like this, as was Sabrina's mom, so she was still up waiting for the call.

Sabrina's mom got there about 11:30 (and she drove through about 4 inches of snow to get here, we had lake effect snow all evening) and off they went. We were all okay with the fact she wanted to go home, except for Lily who was quite disappointed. I explained to her, though, that if she had wanted to come home that I would have come and got her no questions asked. She seemed to be a bit more understanding after I explained that.

Sunday there was more snow and I was quite the vegitable. I have been what I can only describe as borderline exhausted this week and I don't know why. I haven't been doing anything physically taxing, I've just been really really REALLY tired.

This morning I woke up and cleared approximately 7-8 inches of snow off my car. That wasn't fun. It took me about half an hour to scrape off ice and brush off snow. After that, we had a very slow drive to the school (the roads are still crap), and then to Meijers for me and back home. I could definitely do without going anywhere. There is also apparently a -6 windchill. Winter has finally hit us and I'm thinking I could definitely do without. I think I'll do a search this morning for "island properties for sale." That whole if I win the lotto thing, ya know?
In other news, Lily also lost another tooth. The tooth fairy couldn't make it in with all the snow until last night (and that was only because we scraped up $2.00 worth of quarters to give Lily). We're expecting another tooth to come out sometime this week (the one that came out is a top tooth and the other one will also be one of her top teeth). She's got both upper front teeth coming in, so they're pushing all the little teeth out of the way. Lily has definitely entered a goofy phase as far as her teeth are concerned. I'm just hoping they continue to come in somewhat straight unlike what mine did at her age. Braces, I swear, were invented for me.
That's all for now. I'll keep you posted.

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