Monday, January 08, 2007

Stuff I have already learned in 2007

1) The new season of Dr. Who has a lot to live up to. The Doctor is very much missing Rose and I can't blame him. She was charismatic, that one. Rose Tyler, I miss ya, even if you were fictional.

2) Attempting to get my dad to go to a gay bar (Truman's) is easier than I thought it would be. He was all for the idea. I, unfortunately, was ass tired by 11PM on a Saturday evening. I felt very old. Dad, thankfully, humored me by staying home (after procuring some hot chocolate and CD-R's from Walmart) and watching Domino.

3) My hair is going through a VERY AWESOME phase. I have, unfortunately, jinxed myself and it will now suck for months on end.

4) Brakes are a very important thing for a car to have. I learned how to change not only the brakes but the rotors on the front end of my car this past weekend. I didn't have a chance to chance the back ones, nor did I have the chance to replace the brake fluid (which desperately needs to be changed) BUT I feel confidant that, with cell phone in pocket, blue tooth securely fastened to my ear and several phone calls to my dad, I can definitely (to quote Larry the Cable Guy) "git 'r' done." Oh, and I think that if I can actually find the old stereo from the Jeep in the chaos that is the garage (it's really not that bad, but Casey's version of accessible and mine are completely different, height-wise that is) I can fix that whole lack of stereo problem I've been having.

I have decided to make 2007 the year of "Do It Yourself, Jess!" That's kind of my new year resolution of sorts, I guess, just do it myself. Right? Right. So, now, let's see how far I get on this one. Not that I'm being negative, I just really don't plan a lot of do it yourself projects. I will, however, finish painting the living/dining room, though (need more trim work done and maybe a 3rd/4th coat would be nice?). So yeah. And stuff. Oh, and I think I'll throw in one of those "loose 20 pounds" thingeys for good measure.

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